Jane’s solution

By creating a prototype, an early model of parts of her solution, Jane was able to have her end users experience her service in a concrete way. By testing parts of her solution with them, she was able to validate her assumptions, and to understand what her target group liked and disliked in her solution, without wasting time and money in a fully developed solution, that might not be suiting her customers’ needs. Like the initial idea of making an app for her customers to order online that she had. Now she understands, it would have been a waste of money and time!

Jane plans to keep iteratively adjusting her service according to her target group’s feedback. This way, she will be able to bring her solution faster to the market, as she will develop only features that are relevant for her target group, as they were tested with them and adjusted to their feedback.

Have a look at some of the templates filled in by Jane in her prototyping journey. 

Jane used the prototype planning tool to plan what she wanted to test with her prototype and the user testing tool to get feedback on her ideas. After receiving feedback, she started changing some aspects of her solution to make it fit her target group’s needs. Due to this, she did not spend months developing a fully working solution, to then understand that it was not working, but she understood it early on and will be able to adjust it without spending financial resources!

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